diy Underdrives

Build it yourself and reap the benefits at a discount
We supply the kit
We supply you with all the custom components required to make the planetary function.
You Supply the Guts
You source a transfer case and pull the required internals to finish the Underdrive.

Design with the DIY-er in mind

Bringing the quality and craftsmanship of the original Blackbox, the Ecobox was designed for the 4x4’er on a budget. The cases are shipped empty, and the customer provides the gears, and does the install and assembly.

Use an NP231 or NP241 Manual Shift Transfer Case as a Donor

360 degree clocking

All Ecoboxes provide 360° clocking so you can position your transfer case exactly where you want

your 3 Ecobox options

205 integrated

The Ecobox 205 Integrated is the budget version of the Blackbox 205 Titan. Receive the strength of the Blackbox Titan and build your Underdrive yourself.


The Ecobox Integrated offers an integrated connection to the following transfer cases:

  • Dana 300
  • Dana 20
  • Atlas-II

The Ecobox Standard provides a 6 Bolt Round interface at the front and back, allowing for any 6 Bolt Round pattern transmission and transfer case to mount to it. Select from a range of output spline types. You source your input!

Shift Your Ecobox

Don't forget to grab a Cable Shifter Kit that matches the Ecobox setup you want! Cable Shifters allow full use of the 360° clocking provided from the Blackbox.


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