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BlackBox/Passenger Drop NP205 Standard Cable Shifter Kit

BlackBox/Passenger Drop NP205 Standard Cable Shifter Kit

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Part # CSK15-4103-K-3-RA

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Our NP205 cable shifter kit includes all the hardware, control cables (3' Standard, 4' Available), shifter boot and CNC High Def Plasma cut bracketry. These dual cable kits are designed for a transfer case that has modified shift rails for twin stick application.

You can now add Black Anodized Billet Aluminum Shift Knobs with either the Standard Shift Pattern or Reverse Shift Pattern for $20! If you are not sure what Shift Pattern you will need please do not hesitate to Call or Email.

When you purchase our Passenger Drop NP205 Cable Shifter Kit you can choose to add one of the following clocking rings as well as New Twin Stick Shift Rails!

GM 205 Round Pattern Down Clocking Ring
GM 205 Round Pattern UP Clocking Ring
GM 205 Small Bore Fig.8 Clocking Ring
GM 205 Large Bore Fig.8 Clocking Ring

GM NP205 Twin Stick Shift Rails


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