Dana 300 Billet Aluminum Inspection Cover Kit

Dana 300 Billet Aluminum Inspection Cover Kit

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Part # TCB08-4000-K

  • Overview
Dana 300 Billet Aluminum Inspection Cover Kit

As our sport progresses so do the trails we drive, the amount of horse power our engines produce, the amount of gearing our transfer cases generate, and the size of tires we run. With all of this we put excessive load on our drive-train especially our Transfer Case.

As great as the Dana 300 is for its compact, lightweight cast iron case and abundant aftermarket support it has a few flaws. As described before as a positive note the lightweight cast iron case is also one of the Dana 300's pitfalls. One side of the case is completely removed to allow assembly through the bottom of the case, this removes a lot of the Dana 300's strength and rigidity. The 14ga stamped steel cover does not help much with keeping the case rigid enough to support more horsepower, gearing and larger tires.

The Solution:

Our Dana 300 Billet Aluminum Inspection Cover is 8x thicker around the perimeter of the cover and more than 3x thicker in the middle. This helps keep the case rigid and less prone to twisting or breaking. At less than one pound heavier than the stock cover, with a extra 2oz. of oil capacity this the most effective way of strengthen you Dana 300.

Included in this kit:

1x Dana 300 Billet Aluminum Inspection Cover
1x 1/4" NPT Brass Socket Pipe Plug
1x 1/4" NPT x 1/4" Barb Brass Breather
10x 5/16" x 3/4" NC Socket Head Cap Screws


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