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Standard 6 Bolt Round Clocking Ring Kit

Standard 6 Bolt Round Clocking Ring Kit

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Part # CKR00-4000-K

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These Clocking Rings are machined out of 3/8" steel to allow maximum spline engagement, Strength and Durability. All clocking rings are engraved with wide set location for ease of installation. Our clocking rings are precision CNC machined for accurate bore alignment. These 6 hole Clocking Rings are designed to clock the common domestic '6 Hole' transfer cases up or down. These cases are commonly found in GM, Ford, Dodge, Jeep applications. Examples include: Dana 300, NP231/3, NP241/3, NP271/3, NP208, BW1356, NP205 (Dodge Only). This clocking ring will also work with other applications, call us at the shop if your transfer case is not on the list.

Clocking Positions Available:

Up or Down - 11.5* = ~ 1.5"
Up or Down - 19* =  ~ 3"
Up or Down - 26.5* = ~ 4.5"
Up or Down - 34* = ~ 6"

*Inches of Drop will Vary on Transfer Case Width*


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